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Walden Guitar Artist

I am really happy to announce i become an Official Walden Artist.

I own a walden B1E baritone since 8 years and it sounds cool.

I love the design of Walden Guitars B1E baritone. I Recorded most of “Reverse” album on that guitar. I bought because i would love to experiment playing a baritone and for couple of years anything interesting came out.

I decided to use an open tuning on this guitar and new music started flow from my hands and i really loves how bass there are empowering the sound. It is really well balanced and the neck is very comfortable. 

During first COVID-19 Quarantine Johnathan Lee (Walden Guitars CEO) contacted me to ask me some materials i published on youtube to use for walden guitars rise. They are coming back to guitar shop ! And the new Models are even better than the oldest one.

I think for that prices (about 1k eur) for the top rated model is very good for the sound and the built quality ! 

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