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newsOLLO Audio Official Endorsment

OLLO Audio Official Endorsment

I am really happy to announce i become an Official OLLO Audio Endorser.

With the S4X i can mix with headphones… and the day after it sounds the same on my monitors !

A Dear friend of mine Luca Francioso, suggested me those beautiful headphones. Sometimes i mix my music in the night and i don’t have time to spent the day after to make again the mix in my monitors because in headphones everything sounds different… Reference Model: S4X are so clean and flat! At the first listening everything is clean and as you expect to hear a mix or a master file. I spent about 2 hours in the night listening to the music i know and then to my recordings. Those headphones are like watching with microscope your music! They are hand built so the quality is amazing!

Discover more here: https://www.olloaudio.com/

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