Alberto Ziliotto

newsAcus Sound Engineer Official Artist

Acus Sound Engineer Official Artist

I am really happy to announce i become an Official Acus Sound Engineering Artist.

With the new One For Street 5 i can Play wherever i want.

I love the new series of Acus “One For Street”. I think the idea of an acoustic amplifier that sounds very good even on battery is fantastic!
You can use Makita socket battery on it with a long lasting about 7 hours! The Acus i have is the “One For Street 5” and is light and powerfull to play in the street.
You can power it by battery or by standard power supply on the stage. It has 2 channel input + aux in, 48v phantom, bluetooth adapter to use it as a bluetooth speaker and a connector that allows you to use the ampli as a line in for your live streaming !

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