VVT Collaboration
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I had already worked with Tracy. He contacted me after seeing on youtube “Frenesia” video! He wanted to put it in a promotional video for a sporting activity in Riva del Garda. This is the result. I was very happy to give him my music! Tracy is a very meticulous and precise person… I was able to discover him in this latest collaboration. I wanted to make a music video to his video like a garment. Starting from the idea of carefree and fun he wanted to convey with the video, I made a song for the occasion. It ‘was a delicate job, I had to pay attention to changes in framing, landscapes etc. I tried using several instruments in addition to guitar and I enjoyed it very much.

After several emails and comparisons with Tracy, it turned out a great job! The video will be released in the spring of 2013! Probably shortly i will upload an audio demo !

Here is the link to Tracy website:

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