Reverse 11:40 PM

My Third Studio album for acoustic guitar. It contains 6 tracks recorded with a baritone Acoustic Guitar and 2 with standard one. I tryed to innovate the sound and give powerful sound with special effects, keeping the guitar as main instrument. The album is Mixed and Master by Antoine Dufour.

Tieniti Tutto 11:32 AM

My second cd for acoustic guitar. It contains music of mine like “Frenesia”, “Madleine” and some unreleased music, you can find “Get On” that i composed for VVT company and “Talking About” in the acoustc duet version and with the band.

Suono Come Sono 01:38 PM

My debut album. The title means “I play like i am” I Autoproduced in 2009, it collects my firsts compisitions like “Quello che ti vorrei dire”, “Le 7 tazze” and many others.