With its 29 years Ziliotto Alberto is one of the youngest Italian acoustic guitarists in the scene. He studied at the school “The Pentagram” with the master Luca Trevisan who has aroused him to fingerpicking.
“Suono come sono” is the first CD of Alberto, self-released in 2009, which offers ten songs: eight of them are his original compositions. Songs are marked out by short but containing harmonic and melodic ideas that can make the very freshness, spontaneity, the sensitivity of this young guitarist.
Second place in the competition “Guitarist emerging” ADGPA convention of 2009, ranked second in the competition New Sounds of Acoustic Music of Sarzana Meeting in 2010, winner of the “Suona a Ferentino Acustica” competition organized by, always in 2010. In summer 2012, he win the Jury award for his particular playing and tecnique in ” Coorsal Music Summer Contest”.

These are the steps that allowed Alberto to express its full potential, which allowed him to play in several important places in the area including “Al Vapore” and participate in national events, scattered throughout the peninsula, such as “Madame Guitare” and “Un Paese a 6 Corde”.  Alberto is the first italian to be the “artist of the month” in february 2012 for “K&k sound company”. In October 2012 he produced some music for advertising videos for VVT company: Public company for transport in Innsbruck.

In July 2013, he published his 2nd album”Tieniti tutto” that contains his new songs .
IN June 2014 Alberto featured with the famous bass player Michael Manring on Alberto’s track “Al Tramonto” creating a beautiful version available on youtube.
In september 2014 he published his first video in “Candyrat Records” the most important label in the world for acoustic guitar.
In July 2016 Alberto start endorserment for “DiMarzio” the famous company producing pickups for guitar. ALberto plays with “Black Angel”.


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ReverseMonday April 16th, 2018

My Third Studio album for acoustic guitar. It contains 6 tracks recorded with a baritone Acoustic Guitar and 2 with standard one. I tryed to innovate the sound and give powerful sound with special effects, keeping the guitar as main instrument. The album is Mixed and Master by Antoine Dufour. [tcp_list id="Bottone_rvrs"] Tracklist: 1. Ginger Read More...

Tieniti tutto

Tieniti TuttoSaturday July 6th, 2013

My second cd for acoustic guitar. It contains music of mine like “Frenesia”, “Madleine” and some unreleased music, you can find “Get On” that i composed for VVT company and “Talking About” in the acoustc duet version and with the band. …Hey man, the album sounds great! Good job on it. Very melodic playing and Read More...

Suono come sono

Suono Come SonoFriday February 6th, 2009

My debut album. The title means “I play like i am” I Autoproduced in 2009, it collects my firsts compisitions like “Quello che ti vorrei dire”, “Le 7 tazze” and many others. …This cd is a confirmation more than a promise and offers great hope. It can only secure the great carrer of this good Read More...


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Suono come Sono
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Il cielo D'irlanda
Il cantico delle creature
Akita Mani Yo


Since Genuary 2009 i play with “Schertler” David to plug my guitar on stage.
SInce october 2013 i play with Evidence Cable.
Since 2009 i play on stage with para acosutic DI L.R. Baggs
Since 2011 i love handmade picks “Pleks”, from 2012 i play with my model “Zizzi”
Since 2016 i am endorser DiMarzio with BlackAngel pickup to plug my zizzola guitar on stage with Amulet M


From February 2010 i play with an “Italian Guitars” build by master luthier Aldo Illotta. Here are the specs:
Model 14-fret 000 cutaway
Top: val di Fiemme Spruce
Back and Sides: Madagascar Rosewood:
Neck: Mahogany Cuban
Fingerboard: Ebony
Bridge: Ebony
Bones: Black Horn
Rosette: Abalone
Diapason: 650mm
Nut width: 45mm
Tuners: Alessi “Ovetto” with Ebony Headstock (1/18)
Finish: Gloss, Satin Neck
Amplification: D-Tar Multisource
Strings: Elixir 12/53 – Cleartone 12/54

walden b1 bis

Model Walden Baritone B1-E
Top: Sitka spruce
Back and Sides: Rosewood
Neck: Mahogany
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Bridge: Ebony
Bones: Bone
Rosette: Abalone and Rosewood
Diapason: 680mm
Nut Width: 46mm
Tuners: Walden
Finish: Satin Nitro
Amplification: Fishman prefix plus
Strings: Daddario EXP Baritone


Since june 2016 i play also a “Adielle Guitars” made by the master Achille de Lorenzi. Here are the specs:
Model Zizzola 000 12° fret and cutaway

Back and Sides: Brazilian Rosewood:
Neck: Mahogany Cuban
Fingerboard: Ebony
Bridge: Ebony
Bones: Tusq
Rosette: Abalone
Diapason: 643mm
Nut width: 43mm
Tuners: Gotoh 510
Finish: open pore Satin

Amplification: Trance Audio Amulet M + DiMarzio BlackAngel
Strings: Elixir 12/53 Bronze




New cd is going to be realSaturday April 22nd, 2017

I’m excited because i’m going to start recording my new cd. I have lots of ideas with baritone and other new tricky music to play with my new guitar. I think the new cd is going to be 80% baritone and 20% normal guitar. I will post here some blog with my recordings ! Sto Read More...


DiMarzio EndorsmentWednesday July 20th, 2016

I am proud to announce that i am a DiMarzio endorser for the BlackAngel from july 2016 !!! I will mount it on my “zizzola” guitar ! to experiment new sounds !


New Guitar: “Zizzola”Monday June 20th, 2016

I am proud to announce that my new custom build guitar “zizzola” is ready to play! This is my new guitar special biult on martin model 12° fret with bevel. She sounds amazing !!


“Al tramonto” feat. Michael ManringMonday April 28th, 2014

During the second week of May, I will publish a video of “Al Tramonto” from my latest CD “Tieniti Tutto” with a special guest. I had the honor to hear my song powered by lthe bass player Michael Manring, a musician whom I respect very much. Michael is considered one of the best bassists in Read More...


Pleks pleks colori trasparente

Un paese a 6 corde –
Suono come sono Alfonso giardino – Chitarra Acustica n.4
Ferentino acustica 2010 – Andrea Carpi
Get on – il gazzettino

Pedro Scassa – pleks Chitarra Acustica n.9
Noemi schembri
Max monte
Achille de Lorenzi
Zcat hold reverb
Dazzo pickup


Thanks to Aldo Illotta for the beautyful guitar he made me.

Thanks to Pedro for picks mod. “Zizzi”
Thanks to Walden for the Baritone B1e.
Thanks to evidence cable for “Melody” cable.


To ask me for a concert please compile this module or click the right menu to send me an e-mail!

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Since September 2012 i teach acoustic guitar (advanced level) , electric guitar and classical guitar (medium level) in the music school “Riviera Del Brenta” situated in via Ghebba 65/E/3 – Oriago (VE).


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Tieniti tutto

Nel sogno di Amelia

Suono come sono

Le 7 Tazze

Suono come sono

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